8 ft x 8 ft Step and Repeat Straight Pillow Case Backdrop


8 ft x 8 ft Step and Repeat Straight Pillow Case Backdrop

Invest in quality displays meant for your variety of purposes. We bring you assortments in backdrops, banners, flags, and lots more for successful marketing events, personal celebrations, and so much more. Bring an edgy performance to any upcoming concert or promotional event with 8ft x 8ft step and repeat straight pillow case backdrops brought to you by ҴýBuzz. This backdrop is durable and portable by offering you quick and smart handling and displaying at the center stage or anywhere in the venue.

High-quality, Sturdy Step and Repeat Straight Pillow Case Backdrops

Lightweight and portability are the aspects that make this product easy-to-carry for prospective, multiple locations. It is feasible to retain the hardware or the frame with removable graphic fabric. Personalized graphics are possible as you select the tab - Add Graphic, followed by which comes the three different options to create the artwork online. You can upload or create the artwork online by selecting the required tabs specifically. Graphics are printed in repetitive patterns throughout the graphics sheet that further provides the scope to print and display the brand logo, name, and other illustrations. Another way to achieve desirable graphics is the option - Hire a Designer. You can hire a professional designer with us to attain error-free content without any hassle.

From Print Options, Accessories to Much More

Further, you can place orders for straight pillow case backdrops with single or double-sided imprints. Double-sided printed graphics are aesthetically appealing and attention-grabbing from both the opposite directions and, therefore, adds up a lot to brand awareness and recognition value too. Also, if you wish to add an accessory to this purchase, then the red carpet is available to add utmost oomph and sophistication to your event. It is available upon selection and at a minimal cost upgrade too. The red carpet is available in pre-defined sizes so that you can add the required size to your cart and as per the space availability.

Without further ado, add 8ft x 8ft step and repeat pillow case backdrops, custom vinyl banners, and other displays to your shopping cart for a power-packed branding experience. We are just an e-mail or call away. Follow us on social platforms for timely updates.