Dear ҴýBuzz Partners–

At the appearance of COVID-19 last spring, we did what we felt was necessary for the health of our employees, their families, our business partners, and you: we staggered our shifts, instituted company-wide safety and hygiene protocols, and moved those that could work from home to remote duty. We are still doing that today. As we continue to monitor and adapt to the evolving situation, we’re happy to report that these measures have had a resoundingly positive impact on the overall health of everyone involved. Our many shipping partners are taking the same steps to ensure safety, however, and as a result we have experienced some delays in the final mile of delivery. Please know that while we endeavor to meet or exceed our estimated delivery times, some things are indeed out of our control. What everyone agrees on remains true though: your well-being and that of everyone in our thriving community is our greatest concern.

Our production facilities remain operating at full capacity and we look forward to our continued partnership with your marketing efforts.

Thank you!


Nishant Shah