Teardrop Flags

Product Specification
  • Graphic Material: Knitted Polyester Fabric
  • Graphic Weight: 90 GSM
  • Hardware Material: Carbon Composite Fiber Glass
  • Printing: 1440 DPI, Full Color, Dye Sublimation Printing
  • Single Sided Printing: Single sided flags will show the image on the back side as a mirrored image with 50-60% visibility.
  • Double Sided Printing: Double sided flags can have 2 separate images or the same image. These flags have a liner sewn in between the two sides.
Pole Diameter
  • Highest Pole Diameter: 4 mm
  • Lowest Pole Diameter: 23 mm
  • Base Option: Cross Base/ Spike Base
  • Finishing: Black pole pocket at left side

Base Specifications

Spike Base
  • Leg Length:20"
  • Base Diameter:13.5 mm
  • Holder Diameter:16.5mm
Cross Base
  • Leg Length:14.5"(4nos)
  • Ground Clearance:55mm
  • Base Diameter:13.5mm
  • Holder Diameter:16.5mm
Flag size (WXH) Total Pole Length No. of Poles

2.08' x 5'

2.7 m

3 poles

2.5' x 5.42'

3 m

3 poles

3' x 6.92'

3.5 m

4 poles

3.33' x 7.75'

4 m

4 poles

4.58' x 11.67'

5.5 m

5 poles

Printing Options

Single Sided Printing

The default single sided printing option has printing on one side of the flag with its mirror image on the back side with 50-60% visibility.

Double Sided Printing

Design your graphics with two-sided printing for multi-directional marketing opportunities. You can get the same or different image printed on both sides. These flags have a liner sewn in between the two sides.


Base Options

Spike Base

Spike Base

The design of the base adds stability to resist environmental elements. This attachment to the flag can be easily pinned to the ground due to its pointed structure.

Square Base

Cross Base

As the name suggests, the base is designed as a cross that is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. Its elegant design makes it a popular choice for various events.

Square Base

Cross Base with Water Bag

An additional water bag is added to the cross base to add sturdiness; a necessity when the flag needs to be used outdoors, particularly during the windy season.



Pole is a supportive hardware that is used to display flags. It can be used multiple times with different flag designs. The carbon composite fiber glass pole can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Graphic Care Instructions
  • Polyester, nylon or other synthetic fabrics are normally safe to wash in a machine.
  • Set the washing machine on the gentle cycle with warm water.
  • Add mild liquid laundry detergent to the wash water.
  • You can also hand wash the flag with a mild liquid detergent made for delicate items. Frequent use of washing machine for cleaning flag may harm knitting of the fabric.

Buy Personalized Teardrop Flags for Brand Promotions

You may need the right kind of tools when attracting clients on a congested street or at a trade event. At the same time, you would want to employ unique marketing strategies that remain economical as well. Choose ҴýBuzz Teardrop Flags to make your business stand out from the competition, without spending a fortune. These flags are ideal for exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, and other events because they have solid bases that enable mobility.

High-quality custom teardrop flags are sturdy and are made to withstand elements. The flags are resistant to breaking and will remain upright in inclement weather. These marketing flags, which feature water-resistant synthetic textiles including nylon and polyester, can withstand exposure to scorching heat and damp conditions.

Our flags feature high-quality fabric and carbon fiber poles. For teardrop flags printing, we employ dye-sublimation processes. This kind of printing embeds the ink in the fabric's fibers, making the flags resistant to fading. The flags draw people to your establishment with the high-resolution imagery and details. The final graphics are eye-catching, vibrant and glossy. You can upload your designs or choose from any of our templates from our site or hire one of our in-house professional designers to help you. We provide high quality Event Ҵý & Flags in custom shapes and sizes for your business, sports, political events.

Our collection of templates can assist you in creating your personalized teardrop flag banners. Customize colors, logos, and graphics and text to make a one-of-a-kind sign that suits your marketing objectives. You can use your own pre-made designs with the upload artwork feature.

There will always be a lot of marketing tools that are similar to banners but are either too huge or cumbersome to move. The beauty of teardrop flags is that they are portable due to their shape and size. This is perfect if your frequently attend events or like to move your banners. This can prevent a great deal of hassle during the event.

To make transportation and storage easier, each flag comes with a carrying bag. For a full set, consider adding a composite carbon fiber base to your order. The poles are lightweight and will maintain their shape, making them easy to transport.

For regions with one-way foot traffic, single-sided advertising flags work best. You can use double-sided customized event banners for most storefronts and events. There are five size options to choose from, including 2.08 feet wide x 5 feet long and 4.58 feet wide × 11.67 feet long.

Discounted prices benefit both small and large enterprises equally. For that, we allow you to save money per unit, when you get 2 or more of the same promotional flags. Shop for Teardrop Flags for your business online at ҴýBuzz today!